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3 datasets were found for the PCAPS project. Full dataset descriptions are available by selecting the dataset title. Display datasets in groups.

PCAPS ISFS 1 second data
This dataset contains one second values for variables measured by the 7 NCAR ISFS stations during PCAPS. Variables that were recorded at rates faster than 1 Hz, namely u, v and spd from sonic anemometers, have been averaged to 1 second. Radiation and...
PCAPS ISFS 30 Minute Surface Fluxes
This dataset contains 30 minute time series surface flux data including sensible and latent heat fluxes, friction velocity, total radiation and surface heat flux, as measured by the seven NCAR Integrated Surface Flux System (ISFS) stations in the Salt...
Quality Controlled Radiosonde Data (EOL/ISF)
This dataset contains 112 quality controlled radiosonde soundings collected from November 14, 2010 through February 5, 2011 during the Persistent Cold-Air Pool Study (PCAPS). PCAPS took place between December 1, 2010 and February 7, 2011 in Salt Lake...