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ICEBRIDGE data [Crawford, NASA/LARC]


These observations were collected between 12-28 October and 16-24 November 2009 which overlaps temporally with the HIPPO II flights. The attached pdf shows the coverage for the transit flights and local flights over Antarctica flown from Punta Arenas. Data are stored by flight date and include the following observations: CO2 - Stephanie Vay, CO, CH4, N2O, H2O(v) - Glenn Diskin, Whole Air Samples - Don Blake. Merge files are also available for both 1 second and whole air sample timelines. The data are shared under NASA's open use data policy and it is hoped that the data will be of value in complementing and extending the analyses being conducted using the HIPPO observations. Data are in ICARTT format which is very similar to the Ames format being used by the HIPPO team. Interested collaborators are encouraged to contact the relevant ICEBRIDGE measurement PI's."

Data access

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Additional information

Related projects: HIPPO2
Observational frequency: 1 second
Spatial type: raster
Categories: Aircraft
Platforms: Aircraft, NASA DC-8
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Temporal coverage

Begin datetime: 2009-10-12 00:00:00, End datetime: 2009-11-25 23:59:59

Spatial coverage

Minimum latitude: -87.000000, Minimum longitude: -133.000000
Maximum latitude: 35.000000, Maximum longitude: 15.000000


Point of contact

EOL Data Support
UCAR/NCAR - Earth Observing Laboratory
E-Mail address: datahelp at eol dot ucar dot edu