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GCIP/EOP Surface: Precipitation NCEP/EMC 4 KM Gridded Dataset (GRIB)


This dataset is now available online under the GCIP/EOP project via the following NCEP 4 KM GRIB datasets:
  • gage-only analysis(pre-2002) (2002-present)
  • multi-sensor analysis (gage and unbiased radar)(pre-2002) (2002-present)
  • radar estimate (pre-2002) (2002-present)
  • radar estimate after bias removal (pre-2002) (2002-present)
  • gage-only analysis using 24 hour accumulated ("RFC") data (pre-2002) (2002-present)

This dataset contains the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) Climate Prediction Center (CPC) 4 KM GRIB dataset. A prototype, real-time, hourly, multi-sensor National Preciptation Analysis (NPA) has been developed at NCEP in cooperation with the Office of Hydrology (OH). This analysis merges two data sources that are currently being collected in real-time by OH and NCEP. Hourly digital precipitation (HDP) radar estimates are created by the WSR-88D Radar Product Generator on a 131 X 131 4-km grid centered over each radar site. Data analysis routines, including a bias correction of the radar estimates using rain gage data, have been adapted by NCEP on a national 4-km grid from algorithms developed by OH and executed regionally at NWS River Forecast Centers (RFC). This dataset contains the NCEP 4 KM GRIB Data including multi-sensor analysis (gage and unbiased radar), gage-only analysis, radar estimate, and radar estimate after bias removal. Depending on the time period selected, all four types may or may not be available. Please see GCIP/EOP: Surface NCEP Ancillary Catalogue of Available GCIP Precipitation Data (NCEP/CPC). This dataset is provided as is and was not quality controlled by UCAR/JOSS.

Data access

This dataset is not currently available online. For more information, email the point of contact.

Additional information

Related projects: GCIP/EOP
Observational frequency: daily
Spatial type: point
Categories: Surface
Platforms: NCEP Precipitation
Documentation: katz_stage4_readme.txt [12 KB]
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Temporal coverage

Begin datetime: 1996-05-01 00:00:00, End datetime: 2004-10-31 23:59:59

Spatial coverage

Minimum latitude: 25.000000, Minimum longitude: -125.000000
Maximum latitude: 49.000000, Maximum longitude: -67.000000


Point of contact

Sidney Katz
E-Mail address: sid dot katz at noaa dot gov