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CAMP: Tibet Surface Meteorology and Radiation Data Set


This data set contains the Coordinated Energy and Water Cycle Observation Project (CEOP) Enhanced Observing Period 3 (EOP-3) and Enhanced Observing Period 4 (EOP-4) CEOP Asia-Australia Monsoon Project (CAMP) Tibet Hourly Surface Meteorology and Radiation Data Set. There are 12 stations included in this dataset. This dataset contains the entire EOP-3 and EOP-4 time period (i.e., 1 October 2002 through 31 December 2004).

This data set contains both ASCII data and netCDF data. The ASCII data file covers the entire time period for all stations. The netCDF data file covers the entire time period with one netCDF file for each station.

Data access

ORDER data for delivery by FTP

Additional information

Related projects: CEOP, CEOP/EOP-3, CEOP/EOP-4
Observational frequency: hourly
Spatial type: point
Categories: Surface
Platforms: CEOP Reference Site
Restrictions: ceop_policy.html [16 KB]
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Temporal coverage

Begin datetime: 2002-10-01 00:00:00, End datetime: 2004-12-31 23:59:59

Spatial coverage

Minimum latitude: 31.230000, Minimum longitude: 84.050000
Maximum latitude: 35.520000, Maximum longitude: 93.780000


Point of contact

Hirohiko Ishikawa
Kyoto University
E-Mail address: ishikawa at storm dot dpri dot kyoto-u dot ac dot jp