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ELDOME project description

ELectra raDOME tests


This project consists of a series of test flights from May 4 - 13, 1988 to evaluate a new radome on the NCAR Electra (Tail number: N308D). On May 10, an intercomparison flight was flown with the NCAR King Air and the data were merged into a single file. This project also includes two research flight for boundary layer research by Lenschow over 'Sand Hills' of western NE. Data were processed under standard RAF processing as well as with the longitudinal wind component based on QCW substituted for the set of winds based on QCF. Both runs are included in this dataset.

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Temporal coverage

Begin date: 1988-05-04 11:26:00, End date: 1988-05-13 14:56:00

Spatial coverage

Minimum latitude: 39.211000, Minimum longitude: -105.139000
Maximum latitude: 40.903000, Maximum longitude: -100.929000