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EMEX project description

Equatorial Mesoscale EXperiment


Radon-222 and lead-210 aerosol collection equipment was deployed on the NCAR Electra for analyses of these two radionuclides in the troposphere over the tropical and subtropical regions of the Pacific Ocean as part of the EMEX experiment. The study substantially increased the data on these important atmospheric tracers in this portion of the atmosphere and contributed to a better understanding of the sources, distribution and transport of radionuclides in the troposphere.

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Temporal coverage

Begin date: 1987-01-14 19:20:54, End date: 1987-02-13 18:40:35

Spatial coverage

Minimum latitude: -38.286000, Minimum longitude: 126.892000
Maximum latitude: -8.150000, Maximum longitude: 147.155000