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FIB project description

Fires in Brazil


The King Air was used 1-22 September 1992 to provide flight support for this interdisciplinary program designed to assess emissions to the atmosphere from widespread fires in central Brazil. This research was part of an assessment of fire extent and energy release and the continental-scale flux of fire emissions during the peak of the fire season in the tropical savannah and forests of central Brazil. The in situ measurements from the aircraft were used to determine advection of C02, carbon monoxide, and smoke particles during the sampling periods.

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Temporal coverage

Begin date: 1992-09-02 06:30:02, End date: 1992-09-22 14:52:04

Spatial coverage

Minimum latitude: -17.347410, Minimum longitude: -50.356520
Maximum latitude: -1.346340, Maximum longitude: -38.286320