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FIFE-II project description

Second ISLSCP [International Satellite Land Surface Climatology Project] Field Experiment


FIFE II is a supplement to FIFE in which aircraft were used for volumetric budget studies associated with the Konza site, since analysis of the 1987 data has shown that volumetric budgets may be feasible. Aircraft were also used to aid in verification of area estimates, extend flux measurements through the depth of the atmospheric boundary layer, and improve our understanding of boundary layer-physics associated with albedo, roughness, and soil moisture forcing by the changing underlying prairie surface.

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Temporal coverage

Begin date: 1989-07-19 15:40:00, End date: 1989-08-12 17:04:00

Spatial coverage

Minimum latitude: 38.264000, Minimum longitude: -105.344000
Maximum latitude: 40.593000, Maximum longitude: -96.130000