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GALE project description

Genesis of Atlantic Lows Experiment


The Genesis of Atlantic Lows Experiment (GALE) was a four year cooperative research project that studied winter cyclones along the East Coast of the United States. The aircraft were used during an intensive two month field program, in which the role of air-sea-land interactions and mesoscale effects in the rapid development of coastal cyclones was studied. The King Air aircraft was used for mesoscale boundary layer and air-sea interaction studies. The aircraft measurements were an important part of the total research effort and augmented other facilities, e.g., instrumented meteorological towers, balloons, buoys and research vessels, in seeking answers for the GALE project goals.

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Temporal coverage

Begin date: 1986-01-16 15:43:20, End date: 1986-03-13 23:59:00

Spatial coverage

Minimum latitude: 30.115000, Minimum longitude: -90.029000
Maximum latitude: 44.638000, Maximum longitude: -65.961000