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HAPEX-MOBILHY project description

Hydrological Atmospheric Pilot Experiment - Modelisation du BiLan Hydrique


The Hydrological Atmospheric Pilot Experiment (HAPEX) was an Atmospheric-Climatic-Hydrological field program that took place from 1985-1986 in southwest France in the Bordeaux/Toulouse region, and involved both U.S. and French scientists. The broad goal of the experiment was to measure the hydrological cycle and its variability on a scale useful for parameterization in coarse-grid climate forecast models. The aircraft measurements provided estimates of turbulent evaporation fluxes.

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Temporal coverage

Begin date: 1986-05-09 11:21:36, End date: 1986-07-15 10:53:49

Spatial coverage

Minimum latitude: 43.313000, Minimum longitude: -1.221000
Maximum latitude: 44.748000, Maximum longitude: 1.718000