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ICE-L project description

Ice in Clouds Experiment (ICE-L)


The objectof of the ICE-L experiment is to show that under given conditions, direct ice nucleation measurement(s), or other specific measurable characteristics of the aerosol, can be used to predict the number of ice particles forming by nucleation meachanisms in selected clouds. The PIs also seek improved quantitative understanding of the roles of thermodynamic pathway, location within the cloud, and temporal dependency. The project, which is led by Andy Heymsfield (NCAR), is based at the Rocky Mountain Municipla Airport in Broomfield, Colorado and employs the NSF/NCAR C-130 and the Wyoming Cloud Radar.

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Temporal coverage

Begin date: 2007-11-01 00:00:00, End date: 2007-12-31 23:59:00

Spatial coverage

Minimum latitude: 37.000000, Minimum longitude: -110.000000
Maximum latitude: 45.000000, Maximum longitude: -102.000000