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NIWOT07 project description

Niwot Ridge Pilot Experiment, 2006-2007


In support of a NSF-supported project to investigate the use of sensor networks for biogeoscience research, NCAR and CU are deploying additional equipment at the Univ. Colo. Flux Facility (CUFF) in the Univ. Colo. Mountain Research Station (MRS). Initial equipment setup started in Summer 2006, with the majority of measurements to be made in Spring/Summer 2007.

This will be the first real deployment of the new NCAR/EOL TRAnsect Measurement (TRAM) system. Two TRAM transects currently are planned for this study. The first crosses Como Creek and a few other minor drainages from north to south. It is about 105~m each way along one line of 11 towers, with measurements at 1m above ground (low trunk space) one way and 5m above ground (middle of dense foliage) returning. This transect supports the study of nocturnal transport of CO2 by drainage flows.

The second transect will span the 150m distance between the CUFF main tower and the USGS tower to the West.

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Temporal coverage

Begin date: 2007-07-01 00:00:00, End date: 2007-08-31 23:59:59

Spatial coverage

Minimum latitude: -90.000000, Minimum longitude: -180.000000
Maximum latitude: 90.000000, Maximum longitude: 180.000000