The NCAR/Earth Observing Laboratory has been given resources by the NSF to act as the archive for ARCSS datasets. We are happy to accept your datasets and documentation or provide links to data at another institutional or PI archive site. Note that we have provided guidelines for the data formatting and documentation that can be found at the main EOL ARCSS data management web site: There is specific information below on how to get the data to EOL and also notifying us that you have sent information.

Note: These instructions apply to data sets being submitted to ACADIS, as well. They will be updated when an ACADIS-specific data submission and metadata entry tool, currently under development, is online.


Use an ftp client capable of passive mode and have that mode activated. For ftp instructions from a windows machine, click here.

UNIX Instructions:

ftp		(initiate connection)
anonymous			(login as anonymous, no password required)
cd pub/data/incoming/arcss	(must change to arcss subdirectory before you can view files)
bin 				(sets to binary mode for transfer)
passive 			(sets to passive mode; make sure this turns passive mode ON, not OFF)
put "filename"			(transfer file, repeat as needed)
quit				(exits FTP)	
You can also send us DVDs or a hard drive with the data and documentation. This process avoids potential problems if the internet connection is slow and/or the data volume is large.

US mail:
Attention: Don Stott
PO Box 3000
Boulder, CO 80307

Attention: Don Stott
3090 Center Green Dr.
Boulder, CO 80301

It is very important that you include documentation with your data. Please upload this file separately from your data to keep confusion to a minimum.


Please send an email to to confirm that you have submitted data and documentation to our ftp site or have shipped other media to us. Please email Don Stott ( if there are any other questions. Thanks in advance for your help.