North Pole Environmental Observatory (NPEO) Oceanographic Mooring Data, 2001-2006

All data are in compressed zip files by instrument and year range.
When ordering data, you will be able to choose by individual zip file. - Contains the following files

  **Note: 2006-2008 is contained in one file:**

Data (size varies, typically around 20 MB) (size varies, typically less than 1 MB) (size varies, typically around 2 MB) (size varies, typically around 2 MB)

Each zip file contains multiple columnar ascii text files of varying lengths and date ranges. 
They additionally include readmes that are specific to the type of data (i.e. ADCP or ULS)


    NPyyyy-YY_Mooring Diagram.pdf (1.81 MB)
    NPEO_yyyy-YY_Mooring_Data_ReadMe.txt (6 KB) 

The pdf file contains a diagram illustrating the design of the device used for data collection. 
The text file contains general documentation specific to each year range.