EOL data archive privacy policy

When you create an account with the EOL data archive, the only personal identifying information required is your email address. Additional personal information may be stored if you are associated with one of our archived datasets, whether or not you have created an account. This includes public contact information to help both EOL and data users find out more information about data in the archive.

When you place a data order, your personal identifying information (email address) is stored forever in our log files. This information is used in several ways. The domain name of your email address is used in aggregate to track what types of users are ordering data, e.g. educational/government/etc, U.S./Europe/etc. These statistics do not identify individual users, and are included in our institutional annual report.

Email addresses are used individually to notify users of important updates or problems with the data they ordered. In addition, dataset creators and funding agencies may be provided with lists of email addresses for users who ordered their data.

Additional policy terms not discussed above are in the UCAR Privacy policy and UCAR Terms of use.

If you have questions or comments about this policy, or would like your personal information erased, please send email to the address below.

Last Update: 02 December 2019 (update account and contact note)
Email: datahelp@eol.ucar.edu

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