TITLE: Lena River ADCP Transects

Eugene Karabonov, University of South Carolina & SBRAS, EugK@chevron.com
Straud Armstrong University of South Carolina, straudarmstrong@yahoo.com
Douglas F. Williams, drdoug@sc.rr.com

FUNDING SOURCE: NSF grant OPP-0229737, and grants 01-05-97223 and 03-05-65127 from the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research

This data set consists of ADCP transect stream sampling of the Lena River taken from the Moskovskii-11 hydrographic survey vessel. A vessel-mounted 1200-kHz RDI Workhorse Sentinel ADCP was used to collect the data from a hydrographic launch deployed from the Moskovski-11 River Vessel. The data were recorded using WinRiver software. This software program is available for download from Teledyne RD Instruments to read the raw binary data files. A list of cruises with dates and lat/lons is included in the cruises.txt file. These data are part of a larger examination of the effects of anthropogenic activity and global warming on freshwater and organic carbon input to the Arctic Ocean from the Lena River for the last 50-150 years, under NSF award #0229737.

1200-kHz RDI Workhorse Sentinel ADCP

START: 20030622051433.36 STOP: 20030712063442.61 UTC

Raw binary data files

1.2 (27July2008)

Data were collected using vessel-mounted 1200-kHz RDI Workhorse Sentinel ADCP and recorded using WinRiver 1.03.0000 software, supplied by RD Instruments, now Teledyne RD Instruments.

Raw data files include visually estimated distances to start and end banks, from ADCP survey vessel, along with time stamps according to settings at the time, not necessarily referenced to UTC.

'CruiseID' represents cross-channel sampling from the Hydrographic survey vessel, launched from the Moskovskii-11 ('MoskH-#'). Stations ('Stn') are numbered in order of the sampling occurrence, with the number of times resampled at the same general location listed as 'Evnt'. 'Bottle' identifies the parent ADCP data set (general location _ number sample of series at general location), 'Date/Time' is UTC start of ADCP transect, formatted as YYYYMMDDHHMMSS. 'Lat' and 'Lon' are coordinates for starting location of each ADCP transect, referenced to GPS and reinterpretted with aerial imagery in GIS. 'Filename' is the name of primary recorded ADCP data formatted through WinRiver 1.03.0000 software . 'Site' refers to points of reference, either tributary sample identification, or reference to other nearby landmarks, including towns and villages.

Missing stations including Mosk-2, 5:7, 9, 13, 18:20, 23, 33, 34, 37, 40, 41, and 49:51, were caused by error from partial sampling, often due to presence of braided channels. Locations were therefore not verifiable and thus not reported.

Data point Date/Time provided in UTC.