NPEO PMEL/CRREL Ice Temperature and Mass Balance Buoys for 2006 and 2007

North Pole Environmental Observatory
NSF Grants OPP-9910305 and 0352754
2006-2007 Ice Temperature and Ice Mass Balance Buoy Data
          Deployed by Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) 
          and Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) 
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NP2006 CRREL Ice Buoys
NP2007 CRREL Ice Buoys

NPEO PMEL/CRREL Ice Temperature and Mass Balance Buoys for 2006 and 2007 
The two Ice Mass Buoys reported here are the CRREL portion of the North 
Pole Environmental Observatory, and are parts of a campaign to monitor the ice 
and snow cover of the entire Arctic Ocean, detailed at  
The IMB buoys themselves are described at
Each was deployed by PMEL at the NPEO deployment camp in April of their 
deployment year.  NP2006B_9115 lasted until late January 2007; NP2007D_9114 
survived until early January 2006, in both cases drifting toward Fram Strait 
east of Greenland.  These buoys are complimented by PMEL Weather and Radiometer 
Because of the large temperature arrays presented by the IMB buoys and 
differing time stamps, their data is provided in three separate files.  All 
contain header information ended by a line with a single character '#', 
followed by the data in tab-delimited ASCII columns.  The left-most columns 
provide a time stamp for that data line.
 - IceTemp files:  Internal Ice Temperature (degrees C) from the air through the 
    ice into the ocean beneath typically every 10 cm and every 2 hours.  The header 
    lists the heights/depths at which temperature was measured.  A depth of 0 is the 
    position of the top of the ice at the time of deployment, positive numbers are 
    heights above the surface of the ice, negative numbers are depths from the top 
    surface of the ice.  To the right of the time stamp the remaining columns list 
    thermistor-measured temperature at those depths.  Missing data are flagged 
    as -99.0.
 - MetMass files:  Ice thickness and snow depth measured with acoustic pingers,
    and atmospheric pressure and air temperature typically recorded every two hours. 
    Missing data is flagged as -99.0.  A detailed discussion of ice mass balance 
    may be found on the CRREL Buoy Website. 
 -- Position files:  GPS position of the buoy.
    For further information concerning these data, please contact
      Dr. Don Perovich     
      Dr. Jacqueline Richter-Menge
      Bruce Elder           
      ERDC-CRREL-RS ( Snow and Ice Branch ) 
      72 Lyme Road 
      Hanover, NH 03755-1290 
      Dr. James E. Overland     (206) 526-6795
      Sigrid Salo          (206) 526-6802
      Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL)
      NOAA R/PMEL, 7600 Sand Point Way N.E., Seattle, WA 98115-6349 
    For further information concerning NPEO, please contact
      Dr. James Morison     (206) 543-1394
      Roger Andersen       (206) 543-1258
      Polar Science Center, Applied Physics Lab, University of Washington
      1013 NE 40th, Seattle, WA  98105-6698   USA      FAX (206) 616-3142