Barrow Area Information Database (BAID) Geospatial Data Sets, Barrow, AK, USA

BAID Consists of several individual datasets, each dataset can be downloaded
as an individual zip file that contains: a map image file, an html metadata
file, and a text version of the same metadata file. The same zip file also
includes all data files for that dataset as well.

In Addition to this readme file there is also an html document that provides
access to metadata, images, and data, for each dataset in the BAID collection.
This allows users to browse datasets without downloading the entire BAID
collection. This document can be found in the documentation section of the
Codiac page for BAID, it is called metadata_table.html.

In addition to metadata_table.html the datasets can be downloaded, as a group
or individually, through the ORDER link on Codiac.

Principal BAID Contact:

Allison Graves Gaylord
(907) 852-4882
PO Box 1483
Homer, AK

BAID includes the following 27 individual datasets.

-Aerial Photograph Mosaic of Wainwright, Alaska USA (July, 1997)
-Aerial Photograph Mosaic of Atqasuk, Alaska, USA (July, 1997)
-Boundaries of Federal Lands Adjacent to the Barrow Environmental Observatory
-Declassified Military Image, Barrow, Alaska, USA, June, 1989
-Aerial Photograph Mosaic of a Coastal Portion of the Barrow Environmental Observatory for Barrow, Alaska, USA (1948)
-Barrow Environmental Observatory Science Research District, Barrow, Alaska USA
-Color Infrared Aerial Photograph of the Barrow Area, Alaska, USA (1979)
-Aerial Photograph Mosaic of Barrow, Alaska, USA (July, 1997)
-Tax Parcel Information for Barrow, Alaska USA (2000)
-Clean Air Sector, National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics Laboratory (CMDL) at Point Barrow, Alaska, USA
-Landsat-7 Image (Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus), Barrow Area, Alaska, USA (June 2, 2002)
-Landsat-7 Image (Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus), Barrow Area, Alaska, USA (July 1, 2001)
-Landsat-7 Image (Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus), Barrow Area, Alaska, USA (July 14, 2000)
-Landsat-7 Image (Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus), Barrow Area, Alaska, USA (July 20, 2002)
-Ukpeagvik Iñupiat Corporation Southern Boundary, Barrow Area, Alaska, USA (2003)
-Village Districts for Barrow, Wainwright, and Atqasuk, North Slope Borough, Alaska, USA (2000)
-Zoning for the Barrow Area, North Slope Borough, Alaska, USA (2000)
-Research Sites for the Barrow Area, Alaska, USA
-ACD Transects of Thaw Depth, and Shoreline Survey of Elson Lagoon
-Elson Lagoon Annual Survey Section: A
-Elson Lagoon Annual Survey Section: B
-Elson Lagoon Annual Survey Section: C
-Elson Lagoon Annual Survey Section: D
-Barrow Triangle Soils
-Power Poles
-Snow Fences
-RADARSAT and ERS satellite SAR Images
-NARL BAR flights Index by Quad (1948-49)
-Bowhead Whale Subsistence Sensitivity Mapping