ISFF CHATS High-rate Data Download


The original CHATS raw data is processed into 60-Hz/1Hz netcdf data. The data of sonics, licors, hygrometer, and pressure sensors are in 60Hz rate; while soil, rain, barometer, and TRH's data in 1 Hz rate.  A sensor's measurement parameters are represented as variables, and the measurement values are variable values. The following description and links help users to download and interpret the data.

Sensors and Variables:

All the CHATS sensors and their corresponding variables are well document in the CHATS home page.  When users need to find their sensor data via variables in the netcdf files, please see the link

 Related Sensor and Variables.

Files and Downloads:

The typical data file size is between 300 MBytes, and the limited one-time-transfer file size is 8 Gbytes. If your request is larger than permitted, please adjust the data period to obtain a smaller chop of the data, and repeat downloans to get all data.

NetCDF Utility:

The ncdump manual and netcdf software are netcdf utility tools for users to view the netcdf data files. Please see the links below to get details of the netcdf help tools.

ncdump manual:

netcdf software: