I. Overview

Vaisala is pleased to receive requests for lightning data for research use. The following policy must be followed and adhered to for all requests to ensure proper use of Vaisala lightning data. This policy is subject to change. This revision is effective as of April 22, 2013.

II. Basic Objectives

Vaisala desires to support research that will lead directly to a better understanding of lightning phenomena and/or to new applications of lightning data. Vaisala is particularly interested in lightning research that addresses the following topics:

However, Vaisala research support is not limited to these applications.

III. One-time archive data requests

To qualify for free data, the lightning data requested should not exceed a time period of five years, and not exceed an area greater than 700,000 square kilometers. Such free Vaisala lightning data are provided so that the investigator can produce materials to support grant proposals, or for the occasional student project. The investigator is urged to include the cost of lightning data (at a research-related discount price) in future grant proposals. Recipients of archived Vaisala lightning data are encouraged to present papers at Vaisala.s ILDC/ILMC and other appropriate meetings.

IV. Conditions of the offer

I have read and understand Vaisala's lightning data research policy and agree to its terms and conditions.