CLICOM Mexican Surface Data [SMN]

The CLICOM Mexican Daily Surface Data Set is from the Servicio Meteorologico Nacional de Mexico (SMN) and is put out "as is". There is a separate file for each Mexican state. Each data file is the daily records for the sites in that state, for the 13 possible meteorological elements. The lines of data are sorted by month, then site, then meteorological element.

Observations at each of the stations were made at 08:00 LST. The value reported for the daily observation represents data collected during the previous 24 hours, ending at 08:00. The data files are in Comma Separated Values (.csv) format. The first line of each data file has the column names.

Note: It has been noticed that some sites have precip values of 0 on the 31st day of months with less than 31 days. These should be -99999, the Missing value. The best explanation for this is that the error was introduced when the data were key entered from paper copy sheets. The data, which are generally key entered from paper copy sheets at state offices of the Mexican Water Commission (Comission Nacional de Agua, CNA) contain observations from stations throughout Mexico. Observers in each state send the data to state offices, which then digitize the data from the paper copies. The CLICOM data set is the final station report per paper copy reports (one month entered on one summary page). The GASIR data set is the operational first look and CLICOM is the final official data set.

The CLICOM surface data updates for Mexico for 2004 were provided by Lic Alejandro Gonzales Serratos of the SMN, and Art Douglas of Creighton University. CLICOM, which stands for CLImate COMputing Project, is a climate data management software system developed by the United Nations for developing countries.

Meteorological Element Codes:

001 Temp. obs. diaria 08:00 AM (°C)
002 Temp. max. diaria (°C)
003 Temp. min. diaria (°C)
005 Precip. diaria (mm)
018 Evap. diaria (mm)
030 Días con tormenta (0 no hay, 1 sí hay)
031 Días con granizo (0 no hay, 1 sí hay)
032 Días con niebla (0 no hay, 1 sí hay)
043 Cobertura nubosa (0 despejado, 1 medio nublado, 2 nublado)
049 Capa de nieve (cm)
056 Vel. viento prom (m/s)
059 Dirección de la racha (décimas de grados)
091 Días con helada (0 no hay, 1 sí hay)


001 daily Temp. obs. 08:00 A.M. (°C)
002 daily Temp. max. (°C)
003 daily Temp. min. (°C)
005 daily Precip. (mm)
018 daily Evap. (mm)
030 Days with storm (0 does not have, 1 yes has)
031 Days with hail (0 does not have, 1 yes has)
032 Days with fog (0 does not have, 1 yes has)
043 cloud Cover (0 cleared, 1 average storm cloud, 2 dimmed)
049 snow layer (cm)
056 average Velocity wind (m/s)
059 Direction of the gust of wind (tenth of degrees)
091 Days with frost (0 it does not have, 1 yes has)