NCAR C130 Scientist Mission Summary Report (VOCALS)

Author of report: Rob Wood
Mission Number: TF01
Type of Mission: Test Flight 01
Start of Mission(UTC): 2008/09/29 20:35
End of Mission(UTC): 2008/09/29 22:36

Submitted at(UTC): 2008/10/01 23:08


Flight remains VFR throughout, clear-air only

Plan: Climb to FL175 for high-level legs, 15 minutes

Descend to FL155 for wind maneuvers

Descend to 3000' AGL for Wyoming radar circles

Descending into boundary layer for 15 minute run

Sawtooth in and out of the boundary layer

All times are UTC

Conditions of the ground. Clear skies. Cu Sct over mountains

20:35 TAKE-OFF: Head to NW, turn to N, climbing to FL175

Boundary layer top around 8000', dry adiabatic in BL and above
in polluted layer up to 15000', clean above

Hazy at top of MBL, concentrations PCASP 3000-4000 /cm3, above
MBL at 1000 /cm3, drop-off to 100-200 /cm3 above. Low RH
throughout maxing at around 40-50% at tops of two layers

Freezing level	5km

20:50 level off at 17500', T= -4 C, Td=-20 C, clean layer, PCASP
200 /cm3

20:50 10 min run at 17500'

21:00 descend to 15500',

21:01-21-20 Conduct Lenschow maneuvers, pitch, yaw, speed,

21:20 Descend to 3000' AGL (8000') for radar circles

21:30-21:40 Banked circles at 40 degree roll

21:40 Straight and level run at 6500' (2000' AGL)

21:58 Climb to 12000' in slow sawtooth

22:03 Sawtooth descent to 1500' AGL, bumpy at 10500'

22:06 Sawtooth ascent to 12000', boundary layer top 8000'. Hazy
to south. Fires. PCASP 2000-2500 /cm3

22:15 Heading home, PCASP very high (4000-5000 /cm3)

22:30 Descending into air field

22:36 LAND, Rocky Mtn. Airport.

Issues: RAF CN counter not operational throughout

Ozone/CO not operated

UWYO ultrafine CN pump not switched on

Problems with CSU collector

No fast FSSP

Few problems with UH instruments.

Most other instruments worked well.