NCAR C130 Scientist Mission Summary Report (VOCALS)

Author of report: Rob Wood
Mission Number: TF02
Type of Mission: Test Flight 02
Start of Mission(UTC): 2008/10/01 20:00
End of Mission(UTC): 2008/10/01 22:48

Submitted at(UTC): 2008/10/02 12:44


Flight Notes
Mission Scientist: Rob Wood

VOCALS TF2, Rocky Mountain Airport, Co
Flight IFR, search for clouds.

Times are UTC

Conditions of the ground. Clear skies. Cu Sct over mountains
T/O 20:00 to NW, turn to N, climbing to FL120

Boundary layer top around 7500'
20:09 Level off at 12000'
20:10 Resume climb to 16000'
Freezing level 13500'
Clouds visible to N, large cumulus and some small congestus,

20:18 Level off at 18300' to penetrate cloud layer ahead

20:22 Through cloud, liquid water, FSSP working, PVM not
working, some 2D-C particles.
20:22-20:45 Various cloud penetrations, some ice and liquid

20:46 Climbing to max altitude heading W to waypoint at Rock
Springs, Wyoming 

20:52 Max altitude reached 22000', T=-23 C, 40 miles ESE of Rock
20:53 Straight and level at 22000', Image 1, Image 2
PCASP around 200 /cm3
Cumulus visible around, some with ice detrainment at
21:03 Turning to right onto NE heading maintaining 22000'
21:15 Descending to cloud level (line of Cu on the nose, tops
around 18000'). Enter cloud
21:20 Descending to 18000' to maintain cloud center, bumpy
21:24 Turning to NW to intercept cloud line on return
21:26 Straight and level run to NW at 18000'
21:26-21:48 Working clouds at 18000', mainly ice cloud
21:48 Turn and descend to 14000', heading ESE for Cheyenne
22:00 Descending to do boundary layer leg at 2-3 kft AGL
22:05-22:20 Straight and level boundary layer run at 9500',
quite evenly turbulent throughout, slight deviation in heading
to avoid high ground at 22:17
22:20 Heading back to Rocky Mtn Airport. Very hazy along front
22:48 Land

Image 1
Image 2