Quality-Controlled Data, February 12, 2007

Access to this data set is restricted to TREX principle investigators.

These 5-minute average statistics have been derived from the TREX/ISFF merged dataset, in which the locally-stored data from the 3 stations has been merged to fill in gaps in the data that were collected through the wireless network. All of the processing steps described in the TREX/ISFF WWW page have been applied. Obviously bad data have been removed. Calibrations have been changed as appropriate. All known corrections to data have been applied. Note that longer-term averages are straightforward to derive from these 5-minute values. See the ISFF document "Combining short-term moments for longer time periods".

Note that these data no longer have "stations=0", which some ISFF users are used to. All variables have a "station" dimension (3 columns) even when values only exist at one site. For example, Rlw.in.10m (from one of the extra radiometers at central) has data only in column 1 and N10 (from the aerosal counter at west) has data only in column 3. The ASCII Java applet also will show data being available from the other 2 stations.

Access to the high-rate (individual sample) time series currently are available only using EOL computers. (This may change in the future.) Again, contact Steve Oncley for access to these data. Note that, for the first time for ISFF, most of the corrections are available on the high-rate data as well. The only exception is the correction of soil data from central.


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