T-REX 2006 Station Information

1.0 General Description

The Terrain-induced Rotor Experiment (T-REX) 2006 Data sets contain data collected from over 1100 stations in the T-REX 2006 domain and time period. The station information provided defines each station in the T-REX 2006 data sets with station location, name, frequency of observation, etc. For a complete description of the station information file format, refer to Section 2.1.

2.0 Detailed Data Description


2.1 Detailed Format Description

The following is a complete description of the station information provided with the T-REX 2006 data. Table 1 details the station list parameters. The beginning and ending dates for the period of coverage are either in Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) or local time and is network dependent. The Identification Type field is network dependent and indicates the source of the Identification field. Example Identification Types are WBAN, FAA, etc. The Occurrence field is an integer value used to indicate co-located stations. Note that when a particular parameter is unknown for a station, either a blank, a question mark, or all 9's will appear in that parameter's position. For a complete list of Country, State, and County values, refer to the documents in the references (Section 4.0). Possible platform types and frequency values are listed in Tables 2 and 3, respectively. Note that only those platform types present in the T-REX 2006 data have been listed.

     Table 1
     Parameter                Description
     ---------                -----------
     Identification           ID in data.
     Identification Type      ID number type.
     Latitude                 Station Latitude.
     Longitude                Station Longitude.
     Occurrence               Station occurrence.
     Lat/Lon Accuracy         Number of digits accuracy in lat/lon
     Name                     Expanded station name. 
     Commissioned Flag        `(C)' indicates commissioned station,
                              `(N)' indicates station which is NOT
     Begin Period of Coverage Beginning date of period of coverage.
     End Period of Coverage   End date of period of coverage.
     Country                  Country in which station is located.
                              US is for United States. CA is for Canada.
     State                    State code. 
     County                   County code. 
     UTC offset               Hour Offset from UTC time.
     DST switch               'y' indicates station does switch to 
                              Daylight Savings Time (DST). 
                              'n' indicates station does not switch to DST.
     Platform type            Collection Platform. 
     Reporting Frequency      Frequency of data collection. 
     Elevation                Station elevation.
     Fixed/Mobile flag        Flag indicating if station has fixed 
                              location. 'f' indicates a fixed station.
                              'm' indicates a mobile station. 

     Table 2
     Platform Type  Description
     -------------  -----------
      40            Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS)
      54            National Weather Service rawinsonde soundings (NWS sonde)
      90            Rawinsonde, Military                       
     121            Rawinsonde, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)/
                        Integrated Sounding System (ISS)
     252            National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) 
                        Forecast Systems Laboratory (FSL) Meteorological 
                        Assimilation Data Ingest System (MADIS)
     253            Unidata Local Data Manager (LDM) World Meteorological 
                        Organization (LDMSFCMETR)
     254            RASS, NCAR/Integrated Surface Flux Facility (ISFF)
     298            Rawinsonde, GAUS                           
     349            Aircraft, BAE-146                          
     350            Aircraft, HIAPER                            
     351            Rawinsonde, LeMoore                         
     352            University of Utah HOBO
     353            China Lake HANDAR                           
     357            California Irrigation Mgmt. Information System  (CIMIS)
     358            Arizona State University (ASU) Environmental Fluid Dynamics 
	                Group Sonics Flux Tower (ASUsonics)
     359            Rawinsonde, University of Leeds             
     365            Desert Research Institute (DRI) AWS
     366            Tribal Environmental Exchange Network (TREX)
     370            University of Leeds Automatic Weather Stations (AWS)   
     372            PestCast                                    
     374            GBUAPCD                                     
     375            University of Houston Flux Tower
     376            Weather On Wheels (WOW)
     377            NCAR/Earth Observing Laboratory (NCAR/EOL) Integrated 
                        Surface Flux Facility (ISFF)

     Table 3
     Reporting Frequency
     < 1 second
     1 second
     3 second
     < 1 minute
     1 minute
     5 minute
     6 minute
     10 minute
     15 minute
     20 minute
     30 minute
     90 minute
     2 hourly
     3 hourly
     6 hourly
     12 hourly
     no set schedule

2.2 Data Remarks

The station locations were provided by the data source agencies unless otherwise specified here.

The station locations for China Lake ASOS came from the AirNav web site.

The station locations for the Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) data came from two station lists: the "NCDC Multi-network Metadata System" list and the "Integrated Surface Hourly Database Station History" list. If a station was on both lists, the "NCDC Multi-network Metadata System" locations were used.

The station locations included with the Unidata Local Data Manager (LDM) World Meteorological Organization (WMO) (LDMSFCMETR) data come form a variety of sources including the station list developed by Steve Chiswell at UNIDATA for GEMPAK.

The station information provided in this data set is a composite of metadata received from external T-REX 2006 data sources. NCAR/EOL is providing this data set "as is". NCAR/EOL makes makes no warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliablility, suitability, or utility of the information provided in this data set.

3.0 Quality Control Processing

Not applicable.

4.0 References

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