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CWEX: Crop/Wind-energy EXperiment


In CWEX-11, flux towers were deployed close to an east-west line of six turbines, labeled B1-B6 from west to east (see Fig. 1). The upwind reference tower (NCAR 1) was placed 2.0 D south of turbine B2, where D is the turbine fan diameter (74 m for this wind farm). The northerly (downwind) flux towers (NCAR 2, NCAR 3, and NCAR 4) were placed at 3.5 D, 9 D, and 14 D, respectively, north of turbine B2. Two additional flux towers, designated as ISU 1 and ISU 2, were placed north and south of the gap between turbines B2 and B3, at approximately 2.0 D upwind and 3.5 D downwind. Sensors and heights are listed in Table 1. Two wind cube vertically pointing lidars were installed and operated by J. Lundquist from NREL/CU. Data from these instruments were also made available to students using data from the NCAR instruments.

Data access

Datasets from this project

Temporal coverage

Begin Date 2011-06-22 00:00:00
End Date 2011-08-16 23:59:59

Spatial coverage

Map data from IBCSO, IBCAO, and Global Topography.

Maximum (North) Latitude: 42.09, Minimum (South) Latitude: 42.00
Minimum (West) Longitude: -93.70, Maximum (East) Longitude: -93.50