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HEFT08-GISMOS: HEFT08 - GNSS Instrument System for MultiStatic and Occultation Sensing


GISMOS was a project conducted over the Gulf of Mexico on the G-V aircraft. The purpose of the project was to test the GNSS Instrument System for MultiStatic and Occultation Sensing, a HAIS instrument. GISMOS is part of the HEFT-08 project. HEFT-08 is one of a series of airborne projects that are conducted by the Research Aviation Facility, part of the Earth Observing Laboratory (EOL/RAF), to allow instrument developers flight time on the G-V. The goals of the HEFT projects are instrument validation, performance testing and preparation for research field deployments. 

Data access

Datasets from this project

Temporal coverage

Begin Date 2008-02-14 00:00:00
End Date 2008-02-22 23:59:59

Spatial coverage

Map data from IBCSO, IBCAO, and Global Topography.

Maximum (North) Latitude: 34.00, Minimum (South) Latitude: 20.00
Minimum (West) Longitude: -100.00, Maximum (East) Longitude: -82.00