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GCIP/ESOP-96: GCIP Large Scale Area-South West ESOP-96


The Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment (GEWEX) Continental-scale International Project (GCIP) Enhanced Seasonal Observing Period - 1996 (ESOP-96) takes place in the Arkansas-Red River basins as a data collection effort in a Large-Scale Area (LSA) of the entire Mississippi River basin. The Arkansas and Red River basins provide a number of watershed areas that are potentionally useful for hydrologic focussed studies. The ESOP-96 Data Set constitutes the fifth in a series of GCIP Initial Data Sets (GIDS-5).

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GCMD Name G - I > GCIP > GEWEX Continental-Scale International Project > 70ea1650-902a-4022-8103-3c7a1fb3bc44
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Temporal coverage

Begin Date 1996-04-01 00:00:00
End Date 1996-09-30 23:59:59

Spatial coverage

Map data from IBCSO, IBCAO, and Global Topography.

Maximum (North) Latitude: 40.00, Minimum (South) Latitude: 31.00
Minimum (West) Longitude: -107.00, Maximum (East) Longitude: -91.00

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Parent project GCIP: GEWEX Continental-scale International Projects