Collaborative Research: Late Holocene Climatic and Environmental Change Inferred from Arctic Lake Sediments

Principal Contact:

Darrell Kaufman
University of Northern Arizona

Principal Investigators:

NSF Award #, Investigator

0455043, Darrell Kaufman
0455024, Jason Briner
0455102, Feng Sheng Hu
0455089, David Porinchu
0455084, Al Werner
0455056, Glen MacDonald
0455025, Gifford Miller
0454960, Michael Retelle
0454959, Raymond Bradley
0454941, Mark Abbott
0454930, Bette Otto-Bliesner
0454609, Konrad Hughen
0450938, Jonathan Overpeck


This Dataset consists of data which accompanies fourteen papers in a special issue of the Journal of Paleolimnology. This dataset reports new records of Holocene climate and environmental change from Arctic lakes, with emphasis on the last 2000 years. Data can be found at the data access link listed on the previous page. The study sites span the high latitudes of North America and extend into northwestern Europe. The studies rely on multiple proxy indicators to reconstruct past climate, including: varve thicknesses, chironomid, diatom, and pollen assemblages, biogenic-silica and organic-matter content, oxygen-isotope ratios in diatoms, and the frequency of lake-ice-rafted aggregates. These proxies primarily document changes in past summer temperatures, the main control on physical and biological processes in lakes at high latitudes. The records will be integrated into a larger network of paleoclimate sites to investigate the spatial and temporal variability of climate change and to compare the paleoclimate inferences with the output of general circulation models. The project of which these data are a part contributes to understanding the Arctic system by placing 20th century climatic change into a longer-term context of inter-decadal climatic variability spanning the last 2000 years.


The fourteen papers in this dataset are listed below with Authors.
NOTE: Data can be downloaded from the data access link listed on the previous page.

Axford et al. -- Stora Vidarvatn, Iceland Chironomid and Geochemical Data.
Bird et al. -- Blue Lake, Brooks Range, Alaska Varve Thickness Data.
Bjune et al. -- Fennoscandia Pollen Data and Inferred Temperature.
Chipman et al. -- Ongoke Lake Alaska Diatom, Chironomid, and Geochemical Data.
Cook et al. -- Lower Murray Lake, Ellesmere Island, Varve Thickness Data.
Geirsdottir et al. -- Haukadalsvatn, Iceland Geochemical Data.
Loso et al. -- Iceberg Lake, Alaska Varve Thickness Data and Temperature Reconstruction.
MacDonald et al. -- Lake S41 Northwest Territories Chironomid Inferred Temperature.
McKay and Kaufman -- Hallet and Greyling Lakes, Alaska Geochemical Data.
Peros and Gajewski -- Nunavut, Canada Pollen and Lake Sediment Geochemical Data.
Porinchu et al. -- Lake V57 Northwest Territories Midge Inferred Temperatures.
Schiff et al. -- Mica Lake, Alaska Diatom Isotope Data.
Thomas and Briner -- Big Round Lake, Baffin Island, Varve Thickness Data.
Tompkins et al. -- Lake A, Ellesmere Island, Sedimentary Pellet Data.