VOCALS C-130 Gas Phase Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) measurements, version 2, June 2009.

PI: Bandy Alan, Drexel University, Dept of Chemistry, bandyar@drexel.edu

Submitted by: Byron Blomquist, University of Hawaii, blomquis@hawaii.edu

Data in these files is in ASCII text format with tab delimiters. File headers conform to the NASA Ames 1001 format with 16 header lines: e.g.

16 1001 Header lines and format version
Bandy Alan PI
Drexel University, Dept of Chemistry Organization
Blomquist Byron Submitted by
VOCALS RFxx Project and flight number
1 1 Data management info
2008 mm dd 2008 mm dd Flight date and Data version date
1.0 Delta time
Time in seconds from 00Z UTC Time stamp identifier
1 Number of variables other than time
1.0 Scale factor for each variable
NaN Missing data specifier
SO2 Mixing Ratio in parts per trillion by volume (pptv)Data identification and units
Seconds SO2 Variable name header line

Data are 1 Hz with identical time stamps to the most current RAF 1 Hz cdf data files (e.g. RF01.20081015.164800_201200.PNI.nc).