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SNOWBAND: Snowband Dynamics (coincident w/ Lake-ICE)


SNOWBAND seeks to understand the dynamic and thermodynamic structures of heavy precipitation bands in the northwest quadrant of cyclones and in the "reverse lake-effect" regions west of Lake Michigan. The goal of the project is to determine the relative roles of isentropic ascent, conditional symmetric instability, and transverse ageostophic circulations associated with frontogenenesis in the production and maintenance of the heavy snowbands associated with cyclones. A second goal is to determine how boundary layer fluxes of heat and moisture from the lake modify frontal structure, stability, and precipitaion band dynamics in the vicinity of the lake during the approach of cyclones from the west.

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Temporal coverage

Begin Date 1997-12-01 00:00:00
End Date 1998-01-31 23:59:59

Spatial coverage

Map data from IBCSO, IBCAO, and Global Topography.

Maximum (North) Latitude: 44.631, Minimum (South) Latitude: 38.859
Minimum (West) Longitude: -105.135, Maximum (East) Longitude: -83.483